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Enjoy peace of mind with above ground burial

Family Planning

At the time of need, many decisions must be made for burial arrangements. Not knowing your loved ones’ wishes at a time of extreme stress can lead to indecision and overspending. Making arrangements today with your family will bring security and peace of mind.



The decision of making arrangements now affords you and your loved ones the ability to pay low monthly payments that may spread over several years.


Durability and Beauty

The beauty of this mausoleum will also offer security and strength with poured-in-place, steel reinforced concrete walls and floors with an exterior fascia of stone. Each crypt in the structure will be a dry, sealed concrete chamber with a beautiful granite shutter. Names and dates can be installed on the granite shutter at the time of need.


Future Needs

This new mausoleum development will expand the services offered to our families and future generations. This structure will stand the test of time for many centuries and will reflect the love and care we have for our deceased family members. The care and maintenance of the mausoleum will be assured by our establishing a large endowed care fund used solely for its upkeep.


A Practical Decision

If you act now, you and your family will be covered against the rising cost of inflation. Pre-construction prices are now in effect with reasonable terms available. All burial spaces are reserved on a first come basis which will allow you to choose the most desirable location for you and your family.

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